And it has nothing to do with the Amazon

In an interview with Terça Livre, the largest conservative portal in Latin America, the Minister of Regional Development, Rogério Marinho, reported that almost 7,000 construction projects were concluded all over Brazil in 2020, and 4,000 were water projects, across almost 5,000 municipalities. It is also worth mentioning the desalination projects of artesian wells, with more than 1,500 wells were drilled the same year.

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Minister Marinho being interviewed in Terça Livre

Bolsonaro completed construction projects left unfinished by previous governments, which had been serving as a source of corruption, political blackmail and electoral fraud. Almost 1,800 kilometers of water channels have been completed and delivered so far, a length equivalent to the route from Lisbon to Geneva (1,855.3 km), almost the distance from New York to Miami (2,056.7 km), and greater than the distance from Sydney to Adelaide (1,375 km).

Despite the obstacles brought by COVID-19 and the efforts of the old media to distort data, the fact is that more than R $ 3.5 billion have been invested in basic sanitation projects across the country. Important projects include locations where the population has lived without water for decades, such as:

- Canal do Agreste in Pernambuco: more than 80 kilometers of canal that will take water to 1.4 million people;
- Canal do Sertão in Alagoas: water reaching 50 municipalities;
- Canal do Apodi: water reaching 56 municipalities in the states of Rio Grande do Norte, Ceará and Paraíba;
- Water connection of the São Francisco River to Castanhão, in the metropolitan region of Fortaleza, capital of the state of Ceará.

According to Marinho, “the biggest environmental tragedy in Brazil is not the Amazon”, contrary to what the foreign globalist groups cry out, in collusion with the traditional media and artists biased towards communism. Eighty percent of the Amazon’s ecosystem is preserved, but 100 million Brazilians live without basic sanitation. One hundred thousand kilometers of rivers or a little more throughout the country are polluted by domestic sewage and 35 million people live without clean water. As Terça Livre journalist Allan dos Santos recalls, just over 2/3 of voters have no basic sanitation and almost 1/3 don’t have clean water.

This is Brazil’s true environmental tragedy! Water security is key to human development, as it is well known that no access to clean water increases the impact of chronic diseases, puts pressure on the public health system, increases child mortality and affects the local economy by reducing productivity.

Do you really think that these people who suffer know what globalism is, or anything about the 2030 agenda, cultural problems, indoctrination in schools, etc? Do they care about idiots like Greta Thunberg? Definitely not! Their concern is whether they have clean water, how they will take care of their crops and give water to the animals.

This population does not know what is happening in the country and in the world and, therefore, does not react proportionately and effectively against tyrants. It is impossible to act without knowing what is really going on. You can't love what you don't know. You can’t avoid what is not known to be dangerous.”

According to minister Marinho, president Bolsonaro has focused on delivering key practical life solutions so that the Brazilian population gains in quality of life, instead of surrendering to the easy path of low-lying populism.

Indeed, the Bolsonaro government has been very productive in terms of infra structure. We just wished we could see the same results in the cultural war.

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