He will also produce a list of foreign companies involved in illegal logging in the Amazon

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During this year’s BRICS Summit (held online), where the heads of state from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa meet, President Bolsonaro criticized what he called unjustified attacks on his government’s environmental policy.

Bolsonaro started off with the leaders’ favorite and incessantly criticized issue, the deforestation in the Amazon. He revealed that the Federal Police developed a method that will allow them to locate the origin of seized wood. He further added that he will name the foreign companies that have imported illegal timber from the Amazon, noting that the list includes companies in some of the most outspoken countries about deforestation.

Brazil Uncovered - Illegal logging in the Amazon generates billions of dollars every year
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Illegal logging in the Amazon generates billions of dollars every year

The Brazilian president underlined that Brazil is open to investors and international trade, while at the same time defending each country’s democracy and sovereignty.

In sharp contrast to China’s Xi Jinping, Bolsonaro criticized the World Health Organization’s politicization and monopoly over the coronavirus matter, mentioning that the WHO urgently needs to be reformed.

Bolsonaro also advocates a reform of the World Trade Organization to promote agriculture and to allow it to receive incentives under the same guidelines used in the promotion of industrialized goods trade.

As a side matter, the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, praised Bolsonaro’s ‘determination and courage’ at the closing of the meeting:

“You have shown the best male qualities and determination. You have sought the solution to the problems based on the interests of your people, your country, putting on hold decisions regarding your own well-being. This shows us all an example of courage while carrying out your duty as head of State. This year hasn’t been easy for any of us, but you even fought this infection on yourself and went through the hardships with great courage. I wish you all the best, and foremost, good health. We’ve all seen it wasn’t easy for you”.

It is not clear to us why Putin felt the urge to openly praise Bolsonaro. Only the future will tell.

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