Authorities pander to LGBT+ activism while deplatforming conservatives

Brazil is one of the most tolerant countries in the world regarding homosexuality. Are you not sure? What about organizing a gay pride event in the streets of Cairo, Tehran, Beirut, Aman, Moscow, Havana, Nairobi, or Beijing, just to name a few cities. I challenge any LGBT activist to live in these cities for three years, and let’s see if they will be showing off their bodies in public and complaining about homophobia. And there are many other places around the world where it’s not even acceptable to bring up this topic in public.

Meanwhile, in Brazil, openly declared homosexuals occupy seats in Congress and state governments, grandmothers watch shows by transvestites on TV with their grandchildren, women follow gay influencers famous in the world of fashion, hairdressing, make-up, design, decoration, and gastronomy. Former football player Vampeta posed naked for a gay magazine in 1999. Legally, the civil partnership law doesn’t distinguish heterosexual and homosexual couples. Men dress up as women during Carnival parties and some others come out of the closet as soon as Gloria Gaynor’s hit “I will Survive” starts to play. Some of the popular Brazilian TV celebrities are Clodovil Hernandez (gay, fashion designer, TV host and Congressman from 2007 to 2009), Rogéria (trans, TV host, actress), Nany People (trans, TV host, event host), Roberta Close (trans, top model), Jorge Laffon (actor, famous for the trans comedy character Vera Verão). It’s life as usual. But would TV programs in Iran, Egypt, Kenya, Lebanon, Russia, China, Cuba, even in Western Europe, show such diversity, as the woke media love to call it?

Brazil Uncovered - Pabllo Vitar, a drag queen, has won the title of woman of the year in Brazil, and Time magazine has said that he is "one of the leaders of the next generation" as he uses his notoriety as a musical pop star to advocate for the LGBT communities in Brazil and worldwide.
Pabllo Vitar, a drag queen, has won the title of woman of the year in Brazil, and Time magazine has said that he is "one of the leaders of the next generation" as he uses his notoriety as a musical pop star to advocate for the LGBT communities in Brazil and worldwide.

São Paulo hosts the biggest gay pride event in the world, which takes place in June, receiving over two million people from all over world from drag queens waving their hand fans to macho men dressed in leather underwear at the city’s main avenue, Avenida Paulista. Can you imagine such an event in the Middle East, apart from Tel Aviv? Additionally, most Brazilian state capitals and medium cities host smaller gay pride events plus countless gay clubs and services targeting this niche. Many gay clubs are open for everyone on Fridays and Saturdays.

Brazil Uncovered -

Media often call president Jair Bolsonaro a homophobe for making jokes and saying things that disappoint the politically correct. However, his opinion is not different from the ordinary Brazilian citizen, who believe that what one does behind closed doors is nobody’s business. Everyone has the right to be happy, and what happens in your intimacy, stays in your intimacy. This has nothing to do with politics. We don’t want government probing on anyone’s sex life but gay movements often fight against homophobia where it doesn’t exist and ignore where it does. Do they know the opinion towards homosexuality of political leaders such as Ayatollah Khomeini, Mahmoud Abbas, Xin Jiping, Vladimir Putin, and Raúl Castro, for example?

In Iran, homosexuality is a crime punished with the death penalty. Why haven’t we ever seen an international demonstration against it? It’s easier to see LBGT (plus all the letters of Cyrillic alphabet, Chinese characters, and cardinal numbers) campaigning against “imperialism” and yelling “Free Palestine”, also where being gay is out of the question. In Cuba, gays and transvestites are isolated from society when they get HIV and dealt by the police. In Russia, gays are not accepted in the army and homosexuality is banned from local media. A court in China ruled in a favor of a publisher that described homosexuality as psychological disorder in a university textbook. Where are the anti-homophobia campaigns?

Brazil respects the Judeo-Christian values so most of people don’t care if you are gay, effeminate, or whatever, except the snowflakes who are offended by jokes. Grow up, you will survive! Thanks to the Judeo-Christian worldview, the ordinary conservative Brazilian citizen understands that you’re neither better nor worse than anyone else because of your sexual preference, but the militancy disagrees. Gay movements in general put themselves above any morality and principles and try to shut down anyone who disagrees with their hysteria, including gays who just want to live their lives instead of being pushed into a psychotic label that predefines what is gay and what is not.

LGBT+ activism is very strong in Brazil and it has the support of Congress and the Judiciary. They have been yelling hysterically insisting that they’re victims of an anti-gay epidemic nationwide. So, in a huge overstep over Congress, the Supreme Court legislated on June 2019 that discrimination on the basis of sexual or gender identity be a crime, falling under the Racism Law, which punishes discrimination or prejudice based on “race, color, ethnicity, religion and national origin” with one to five years imprisonment and a fine. Over sixty thousand people are murdered in Brazil every year, not accounting the unreported cases which could easily double this number. While authorities pander to the gay community, they turn a blind eye on atrocious crimes against children, in what could be called “heterophobia”, as the case of Ruan, a 9-year-old boy who has been frequently beaten and finally quartered, by two lesbians, one of which his mother, because he was a boy “who insisted on being a boy”.

Brazil Uncovered - The "couple" has decided to extinguish all masculinity in the boy, including the boy
The "couple" has decided to extinguish all masculinity in the boy, including the boy's ties to his father.

While gay activism is well protected, accusing heterosexuals for all the evils on Earth from inside their safe spaces, conservatives are being deplatformed for standing up for children like Ruan and conservative values.

Limits are necessary so that everyone can have their individual choices respected, even those who do not want to fit any social and religion standards. As written by the philosopher Olavo de Carvalho, “deprived of erotic satisfaction, the human being suffers some discomfort, but, devoid of freedom of conscience, he loses the last vestige of dignity, the meaning of life and the reason of existence”.

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