Justice Alexandre de Moraes requests the arrest and extradition of journalist Allan dos Santos

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*Article published in Artigo 220

On October 21, Justice Alexandre de Moraes, of the Brazilian Supreme Court, decided to comply with the Federal Police's request to arrest and extradite journalist Allan dos Santos. In the decision, he says that “the highly dangerous conducts [of the journalist] are much more than just crimes of opinion''. To the astonishment of numerous public personalities, journalists, and politicians, the justice acknowledges that the decision is based on the crime of opinion, non-existent in the Brazilian penal code, revealing that it is indeed a political and ideological persecution.
The Attorney General expressed his opposition to the request for arrest and extradition by the Federal Police, accepted by Alexandre de Moraes, who did not make the opinion public.
The Brazilian Constitution, in its fifth article, guarantees the rights to those involved in judicial or administrative proceedings, where the defendant has the right to unrestricted defense. Such rights have been denied to the journalist, as his lawyers have never been given full access to the investigation documents.
Hopefully Brazil will be able to find a way out of this type of arbitrary decision, since crime of opinion does not exist and political persecution is prohibited by law. Silencing a journalist is a breach of the rule of law. Brazilian law has rules about freedom of expression, and the conviction must be final before someone is accused of going beyond the limits of freedom of expression. According to article fifth of the Constitution, no one shall be considered guilty until the final criminal sentence of the criminal sentence. Therefore, the decision of Justice Alexandre de Moraes is nothing more than political and ideological persecution.

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