Arthur Lira, Brazil’s House of Representatives President, used theoretical sophisms and fallacies in favor of a semi-presidential system as government regime in Brazil, at the same event in Lisbon where Justice Dias Toffoli have mentioned that Brazil indeed works under a semi-presidential regime. The congressman affirmed that semi-presidentialism is the most effective to address political crises.
His speech simply ignores the fact that a political regime or a government system must not evaluate itself by effectiveness but by its legitimacy among the population. In April of 1993, Brazilian population has chosen through a referendum the presidential system following the federal republic model as stated in Constitution. So semi-presidentialism actually would be imposed to Brazilian against their votes.
According to Lira, "the provision of a dual responsibility of the government, or of a shared responsibility of the government, which would respond both to the President of the Republic and to the Parliament, may be the institutional mechanism that we sorely lack in moments of more acute political crises ”.
Just a purely rhetorical argument to justify the express intention of a sector of the political class, represented by Arthur Lira himself, one of the heads of the Centrão, to unduly take for himself the exercise of institutional power prerogatives that the Federal Constitution provides to the Executive. Talking about “shared responsibility” is only a subterfuge to hide what would actually be a usurpation of constitutional prerogatives of another power. Continuing, Lira affirmed "history has taught us the hard way" that the so-called coalition presidentialism "has not been up to the challenges facing Brazil."
The congressman confuses the presidential system, provided for in the Federal Constitution and legitimized by the population in a referendum, with the practice of blackmailing political physiology euphemistically called coalition presidentialism (an expression that does not even exist in the constitutional text), which he himself and his party have been practicing as a way of usurping the exercise of power since the era of PT (Labor Party) governments.
Arthur Lira does not seem to know that any country faces difficulties in governing itself, and these difficulties do not lie in the existence of a strong presidentialism and a bicameral parliament. The difficulties lie even less under multiple political parties, which is one of the expressions of democracy.

Difficulties exist when the main political forces of parliament, such as the Centrão represented by Arthur Lira himself, base their conduct not on republican interests, but solely on blackmailing physiology and the rage for occupying positions in the government machine for only their own benefits, so as their political groups.

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