The local Trade Federation issues a note repudiating the governor’s decree

Saturday (13), the governor of Ceará, Camilo Santana, affiliated with the far-left Workers' Party (PT), issued a decree creating the health passport in the state. The decree requires entrepreneurs from various sectors to ask for vaccination proof against COVID-19 from anyone entering their establishments, whether customers or employees.

The Federation of Commerce of Goods, Services and Tourism of the State of Ceará (Fecomércio - CE), in a statement, showed concern regarding the constitutional violations that such a measure generates. Here is the note in full:
“Note to all companies in the trade in goods, services and tourism

Fecomércio-CE informs all businesspeople in the trade of goods, services and tourism, as well as society as a whole, our understanding of the consequences of Decree No. 34.399, of November 13, 2021, for businesses and the general population.

In addition to the difficulty in applying the requirements of the decree in everyday life, the restriction of access to establishments by requiring a health passport will generate embarrassment and a feeling of discrimination.
Businesses which comply with the governors decree will be violating the Constitution by forcing employees and collaborators to produce a health passport under the risk of dismissal. In addition, it interferes with the running of business, which can lead to damage in the economy, workers and employers.

Fecomércio-CE supports educational and awareness campaigns in favor of the vaccination, which continues to be the best way to fight the pandemic and to protect lives. Therefore, it will seek a dialogue with the State Executive in order to collaborate with the review of the decree’s measures.

May common sense, the protection of freedom and individual rights be preserved, as they are also essential to life.”

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