Brazilian unions receive “donations” of $300,000 from the Chinese Communist Party

Brazil Uncovered - The Chinese unionists have pledged to mediate talks between the Brazilian unions and Beijing
The Chinese unionists have pledged to mediate talks between the Brazilian unions and Beijing 'for the delivery of material for the Covid-19 vaccine'. They've also pledged to 'send humanitarian aid' to the Amazon region through the Brazilian unions.

The Chinese Communist Party has found a new way to undermine Brazilian sovereignty. The central union organization in Brazil has received US $300,000 from the Federation of Trade Unions of China, allegedly for the fight against hunger caused by the Chinese virus. The unions in Brazil gather representatives of the extreme left, and they no longer represent the workers’ interests, they’re just another piece on the political board. The injection of Chinese money to those entities, which have already announced a campaign calling on workers in Brazil in favor of a lockdown and to demand from government the implementation of programs to protect jobs and provide financial support to small and medium-sized companies. This shows a tremendous lack of consistency, after all the lockdown is guaranteed to destroy the economy. It is impossible to expect coherence from socialists and it is clear that they’re on a mission to overthrow President Bolsonaro, even it means the destruction of Brazil.

Before the labor laws reform in (Law 13467 of 2017), the union tax was compulsory so workers had to pay the equivalent of at least one day’s salary per year to the union. Employers were required to deduct the tax and pass them on to the unions – a cash mine. The recent labor reform extinguished this mandatory ‘contribution’, and the unions’ revenues dropped, in one year, about 90%, from R$ 3.64 billion in 2017 to R$ 500 million in 2018, a major blow. Had they indeed done a good job to protect workers’ interests, it is likely that workers would have willingly continued to pay a contribution to them, but the unions proved to be just another tool of the extreme left agenda.

In response this threat to Brazilian sovereignty, Congressman Paulo Martins has presented a bill that prohibits unions from receiving any kind of monetary contributions from foreign individuals, entities or governments. It is a good idea but one cannot be too optimistic with the actual formation of the national Congress. Conservative agendas are constantly undermined. China has been consolidating a strong presence in the Brazilian media. In recent years, it has closed ‘partnerships’ with Bandeirantes and Globo, two large companies in the media sector. Huawei seems to have allies in Congress, as they have been able to successfully lobby for the removal of the former Foreign Affairs minister, Ernesto Araújo.

The China Federation of Trade Unions is now injecting money into entities aligned with socialism. At this rate, our young democracy will quickly succumb to the Asian communist giant. The people are alone (and unarmed) in this fight.

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