Christmas is the target of every revolutionary ideal associated with the destruction of conservative values

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Reproduction of article by Evandro Pontes for Shock Wave News

One of the most controversial subjects of the Christian Theology is bound toward the Divine Meaning of Christmas.

I would be daring the necessary modesty if I embrace to try, in this tied space for news and short articles, to consolidate the thought over the proper subject. This is not the purpose of this opinion in this Shock Wave News media.

However, this is the space, in this sense, for an important thinking: once we discard pagan and Jewish experience occurred before the birth of Christ, we shall notice that this #2020 Christmas in the History of Humanity will take a special existential mark.

Everytime the revolutionary ideal (associated with the destructive matrix of conservative values) is moved forward, it is the Christmas that is last target by this movement.

That is the reason why writers of the Modern Era put all their efforts, in their stories about the Christmas Night, to keep the Meaning and the [Divine] Spirit of the Christmas as the last and the only candle to burn in a dark chamber of feelings.

Dostoievsky accomplished that; Machado as well.

Painters, sculptors, and even warriors depicted the Christmas during this last twelve centuries.

It is in this very same day that the World will realize about the meaning of the Presence of Christ on Earth.

That is the reason all revolutionary attacks will peak when the revolutionary troops are able to burn the flag of the Christmas: the Soviet Union abolished the Christmas, as well as the jacobins and bonapartists did one hundred years before; the Nazi Party adapted the symbology of the day for their secularist purposes and all communist tyrannies followed the soviet legacy of Christmas destruction.

Islamic-nazi Theocracies such as Somalia banished Christmas since a long time ago. In Somalia you can go to jail if you dare to celebrate Christmas. Somalia is one of the seven countries of the Trump’s travel visa ban. It is the birthplace of the antisemitic and far-left representative Illa Ohmar from Minnesota. It is, also, besides Brazil, Iraq and Pakistan, to have a “Human Rights Ministry”, being one of the countries to lead the Human Rights Commission at the UN.

Politicians from all over the world, aligned with the globalist agenda, together with communist tyrannies and supported by UN and WHO, are planning to forbid families to celebrate Christmas this year. There are several pieces of propaganda to insulate on people’s mind to fear the Christmas, associating the celebration of the Birth of Christ with a disease and its unknown and obscure risks.

Pope Francis silence over the global threats that are advancing against Christmas might be the final evidence that the Holy Mother Church is headed by the Antichrist himself. There is nothing more "Antichrist" then to be silent facing an Antichristmas movement. If Pope Francis fail to command the Christmas Salvation in this 2020, he will give his final sign about what side he really is.

Christmas was able to interrupt the First World War, but the Evil prevailed on the date, more than one hundred years ago. All politician in the world know the power to Heal Christmas have once World Peace and Order of Life are endangered. Including Pope Francis knows that.

Tyrants fear Christmas just like the Devil fear the Power of the Holy Cross.

And in this Year of 2020, your Final Frontier, dear reader, will no longer be your liberty – this one you already lost. It will be your own existence.

If you lose your Christmas, you will cease to exist as a human being. You will become a simple number (and if you know the Bible, you know what I mean here).

This Christmas is the last opportunity God conceded you to honor the remaining virtue He gifted you in this life: your existence.

Celebrate Christmas will be, in this year, an act of courage for you and for your family.

No more Descartes: the sentence now is – I celebrate Christmas, therefore I am (oro ergo sum).

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