Sadly, the applicable law in Brazil is whatever pleases Supreme Court Justice Alexandre de Moraes

While leaving Brazil after speaking at the second edition of CPAC Brasil Conference, Gettr’s CEO Jason Miller was detained by the Federal Police at the aiport in Brasilia without committing any crime or breaking any law. Miller was detained to testity in the scope of the unconstitutional inquiry no. 4874, which claims to investigate the organization of alleged “undemocratic acts” in the country.

The interrogation was carried out by the Federal Police ordered by Supreme Court Justice Alexandre de Moraes, as part of the unconstitutional inquiry no. 4874 that he set up. No charges have been made, just a jumble of illegalities and irregularities. Sad but true, Brazil is now an international embarrassment. Remember that Moraes is the same Justice that had journalists, the president of a political party and protesters arrested for nonexistent crimes, classified as ‘undemocratic acts and fake news’.

On Gettr, Miller posted:

This afternoon my traveling party was questioned for three hours at the airport in Brasilia, after having attended this weekend’s CPAC Brasil Conference. We were not accused of any wrongdoing, and told only that they ‘wanted to talk’. We informed them that we had nothing to say and were eventually released to fly back to the United States. Our goal of sharing free speech around the world continues!”, wrote Miller.

As pointed out by Allan dos Santos during Terça Livre’s transmission covering of the September 7th demonstrations all over the country, Moraes is simply upsetting the diplomatic relationship between Brazil and the United States by detaining a US citizen, an investor who wants to promote his product (GETTR social network) in Brazil and hasn’t broken any law nor the constitution. Has Moraes forgotten he doesn’t have any jurisdiction over a foreign citizen legally present in Brazil?

Moraes’ childish attitude has also been criticized by president Jair Bolsonaro during his speech at the demonstration in São Paulo against the Supreme Court’s abuses and censorship. He openly mentioned how Moraes has disrespected the Constitution and how shameful for the country this attitude is. In a previous speech in Brasilia, Bolsonaro has affirmed: “We will no longer accept any authority of rulings using the power force over our constitution. We can not accept any more political imprisonments in Brazil.”

Another repercussion out of Moraes’ arbitrary decision came from CPAC’s president Matt Schlapp: “As our @CPAC delegation prepares to come back to America, the whole world will be watching to make sure that no renegade arm of Judiciary in Brazil breaches the travel or speech rights of those who traveled to Brazil to rally for Freedom with our friends and allies.”, as mentioned on this tweet.

While the whole Latin America is under political instability and economic crisis, such an arbitrary so as boyish incident ordered by a Supreme Court justice adds more insecurity towards Brazil for investors, businesspeople and multinationals. Who will feel safe to invest in a country where a childish minister plays with the laws like a spoiled boy demanding everyone to satisfy his wishes? Back in 2019, Transparency International had already published an article showing concerns upon the Brazilian Supreme Court demanding the suppression of a media report through a secretive ‘fake news’ investigation, risking to set a precedent for a serious regression in the rule of law and defense of liberties.

Clearly there is an imblance of power in Brazil and the September 7 demonstration was a protest against it.

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