Actually, Paulo Freire shouldn’t be celebrated

On Thursday (Sep. 16), the Federal Court of Rio de Janeiro prohibited the federal government from taking any action it called an attack on the dignity of Paulo Freire, the Marxist patron of Brazilian education.

The motion was filed by the National Human Rights Movement. The decision is an injunction, which means it will be applied immediately, and establishes that the Union will pay a fine of R$50,000 (US$9,600) per day if it fails to comply with the measure.

In her decision, judge Geraldine Pinto Vital considered that damages are applicable if the government does not respect the educator as the patron of Brazilian education. He received this title in 2012, during Dilma Rousseff’s (Workers’ Party) administration. The judge declared that “freedom of expression is a fundamental principle, but the abuse of freedom of expression threatens the dignity and deforms the constitutional guarantee”.

There is no such crime as abuse of freedom of expression in Brazilian law.

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Why Paulo Freire shouldn’t be celebrated

Google’s virtue signalling of the day is a tribute to Paulo Freire, the “patron of Brazilian education”, on the 100th anniversary of his birth.

For many years, the pedagogue has been praised by intellectuals and no one dared question his authority. It was a kind of sacrosanct entity that nobody touched.

Luckily, that started to change a few years ago.

People started to speak out against Paulo Freire’s “pedagogy of the oppressed” to show that it is, in fact, the application of the Marxist class struggle in the realm of education. It dawned on people that his educational methods are no more than triggers to stimulate a left-wing political awareness in students.

Literacy became politicized. Children were exposed to a hammering of certain expressions and keywords into their brains, such as “oppressive capitalism”, “proletariat”, “large estates”, “U.S. imperialism”, in order to inculcate political feelings rather than knowledge.

The “pedagogy of the oppressed” breaks the principle of hierarchy that has always existed between teachers and students, bringing the degenerated idea that nobody educates anybody or themselves; men educate themselves mediated by the world. The immediate consequence of the concept that no one educates anyone is that the teacher’s authority figure is broken, leaving students baseless, without a reference reference, roaming in the intellectual world not knowing where they will end up.

The idea that “teaching is not transferring knowledge” also comes from Paulo Freire, that is, he privileges political emotion over content.

The phrase “there is no such thing as knowledgeable or not, there is only different types of knowledge” is also his. This is cultural relativism applied to education, as if all sorts of nasty content have the same value.

It is for no other reason that Brazil has remained, for years, in the last positions in the world ranking of education.

This is the result of teaching used as a revolutionary tool. Long live Paulo Freire! (Not)

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