Proposal is defended by legal and political authorities in Brazil

President Jair Bolsonaro criticized this Monday (11/22) the proposal to implement the semi-presidential system in Brazil, which has been receiving support from legal and political authorities at the Legal Forum in Lisbon. “Certain things are so idiotic that it’s impossible to discuss”, said the president in a conversation with supporters on the way out of the Planalto Palace, the Executive’s headquarter.

Once again, Bolsonaro stated that he acts in accordance with the Brazilian constitution. President Bolsonaro further said that if semi-presidentialism or another similar regime were implemented, he would have the power to "dissolve Congress." Parliamentarism allows the head of state to dissolve Parliament.

The president also stated that the discussion regarding the change in the government system is only a smoke screen to "cover other things up".

We at Brazil Uncovered would like to note that the Brazilian government system was defined by a referendum in 1993, in which people chose the presidential system. Changing the rules of the game against the people’s will is undemocratic and, according to legal experts, unconstitutional.

*Free translation and adaptation of the article published in Crítica Nacional

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