Democracy and the fight against cultural persecution were also on the supporters’ agenda

The 2nd PROGUNS Meeting for Freedom took place on July 9, 2021, where about 30,000 people gathered in front of the Brasília Cathedral, in the country’s capital city, in a peaceful, orderly and organized way. That's a big number, especially considering that the event took place on a business day, amidst two pandemics – the Chinese virus and the unemployment caused by it. The event was organized by PROGUNS (PROARMAS, in Portuguese), an entity similar to the NRA in America, covering the entire national territory with a mission to build a free country. The entity produces political, philosophical, legal and technical issues content about the fundamental right of access to firearms.

The demonstration's agenda portrays the main challenges faced by Brazilians today, as a result of decades of domination by the nefarious left mentality in all spheres of power.

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"It's not about guns, it's about freedom", and "A good citizen is no one's militia" were the slogans used to raise awareness during the demonstration.

Upholding and going further on the fundamental rights

The movement defends civilian access to firearms as a means of guaranteeing self-defense. The requirements of the Brazilian legislation that regulates the issue (Disarmament Statute) and abusive state taxes make access to self-defense difficult for a large part of the population. Another line of action of the association is monitoring the actions of the Federal Police and the Brazilian Army, both responsible for granting authorization to firearms’ access. The Bolsonaro government has been trying to speed up the application process for granting access to firearms, but much still needs to be done. For one, having to wait months for an authorization from the Army is inconceivable. State bureaucracy is a way of discouraging citizens to access self-protection or shooting practice.

Tripartition of Powers: support for the country's democratic structure and support for the Constitution

Freedom is a hot topic in Brazil. During the Chinese virus pandemic, the Supreme Court has been blatantly dictatorial. Just to put it in context, justice Alexandre de Moraes had Daniel Silveira, a congressman, arrested for allegedly committing what can only be called a crime of opinion, as well as right wing militants and supporters of President Bolsonaro for what he called undemocratic acts. Bear in mind that there are no such crimes the Brazilian penal code. The Supreme Court justices have also authorized the release of thousands of detainees under the excuse of the pandemic and granted superpowers to the governors, who used them to oppress people who dared to commit the crime of walking down the street as a free person. Supreme Court justices have also exercised partisan political activity when they’ve taken a stand against the proposal for the auditable printed vote, under discussion for the third time in the House of Representatives. So, the Supreme Court, in collusion with left-wing parliamentarians, frequently oversteps the powers of the executive branch. It borders on the ridiculous as they try to prevent the president from appointing anyone for to occupy positions of trust, a power constitutionally granted exclusively to the president. At the same time, senators, who should oversee the actions of Supreme Court justices, do nothing to stop their arbitrariness. The justices have been pushing an institutional rupture to couple with the left's strategy to use the Supreme Court to suffocate president Bolsonaro.

Cessation of hostilities: against the condemnation and cultural persecution against collectors, sport shooters and hunters

There are several reports of sports shooters across the country being approached by policemen ignorant of the legislation, who embarrass citizens by taking them to the police station on suspicion of illegally carrying a weapon. Furthermore, citizens who act in defense of the civil armament are constantly slandered, labeled as arms dealers and accused of joining militias. These are fallacies construed to taint the citizens’ reputation so that they fail the background check to obtain state authorization to access firearms. The entire supply chain activity (shops and shooting clubs) is constantly supervised by the state. Meanwhile, the legislation is lenient on criminals and organized crime, the real culprits for the high level of violence in Brazil is organized crime, who do not obey the law.

A Brazilian “Second Amendment”: the right to possess and bear firearms should be a constitutional right

The movement's motto is categorical: it’s not about guns, it’s about freedom. It is well known that the disarmament of civil society precedes tyranny, and it’s easy to understand the benefit of owning a firearm.

A case with great repercussion in the country happened in June of this year, when  the hunt for serial killer Lázaro Barbosa grasped the national debate. More than 200 policemen were deployed to locate the person responsible for the murder of a family (a father and two children) at a site in Ceilândia, in the Federal District. The mother had been taken to a nearby forest, where she was raped and then killed. On the run, Lázaro shot policemen, held hostages, and murdered others. Lázaro was only stopped when he met the shots fired by the caretaker of a farm where he was trying to find shelter. It has taken 20 days until Lázaro died in an exchange of fire with the police. It is worth mentioning that Lázaro had already been convicted 13 years previously for double manslaughter in Bahia. He escaped from at least 3 prisons. Destruction of property, assaults, bodily harm, torture, rape, manslaghter and robbery make up this serial killer’s criminal record. The State’s benevolence towards criminals in Brazil is a huge deterrence to the country's morality.

Brazil Uncovered - Prisoners are coached from prison into town so that they can spend the holidays with their families. The majority obviously never goes back voluntarily.
Prisoners are coached from prison into town so that they can spend the holidays with their families. The majority obviously never goes back voluntarily.

In Brazil, the criminal arrested red handed is taken to the judicial authority for a custody hearing. This hearing has the sole purpose of establishing whether the individual has been well handled by the police. The criminal is released and is given time to respond while free. If convicted, he sometimes serves time in prision but quickly progresses with the benefit of what is called the semi-opened regime, meaning he is allowed to “work” during the day as long as he retuns to sleep in prision. The semi-opened regime also benefits those who read books in prison. Clearly, a regime that leaves criminals free to commit new crimes while serving sentence is not imprisonment. Others are allowed out to visit family on holidays and, needless to say, the majority does not return to serve the remainder of their sentence. Speaking for PROARMAS, Marcos Zborowski Pollon, a lawyer specializing in gun control legislation, explains that out of 100 homicides in Brazil, only 8 are solved, 2 go the full length of the legal proceeding and less than 1 actually serves the sentence. Based on this statistic, no one can be expected to rely solely on the State (if at all) to watch over their lives. It is almost mandatory to own a gun for self-defense. Crime pays when laws are weak.

If you want to increase your chances of surviving in Brazil, follow Oliver Cromwell's advice: trust in God and keep gunpowder dry.

Our mission is to build a free country.

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