The 7th of September, 2021, the capital of São Paulo recalled the memory of the Brazilian Independence Day on the banks of the Ipiranga River.

A month ago, Brazil recalled the proclamation made by Dom Pedro on September 7th, 1822, when he received, among several orders from the seat of the Court (Rio de Janeiro), a letter from his wife, the Empress Leopoldina, at the time sworn in at the position of regent of Brazil (Decree of 08/13/1822) which said:
“Pedro, Brazil is like a volcano. Even in the palace there are revolutionaries. Even troop officers are revolutionaries. (...) The State Council advised you to stay. (...) Brazil will be a great country in your hands. Brazil wants you for its monarch. (...) Hear your minister´s advice, if you don´t want to hear your friend. Pedro, the moment is the most important in your life. You have already said here what you are going to do in São Paulo. Do it then. You will have the support of the whole of Brazil and, against the will of the Brazilian people, the Portuguese soldiers who are here can do nothing. Leopoldine.”
At the Independence Monument, on Tuesday, 7th descendants of the Imperial Family, represented by the person of Dom Bertrand Orleans and Bragança (second in the succession line, maintained until today) and citizens who went to appreciate the historic landmark were able to participate at the 10 hours of a ceremony in honor of the crucial moment that made Brazil a free nation.
“We form this admirable national temperament, in which there is this heroism, a peaceful, heroic, kind country, but also, when called to fight, it knows how to defend itself. And now, we are not in a bloody revolution, but it´s a Brazil that did not accept a red agenda that was being imposed.”, were some words of Dom Bertrand.
The ceremony lasted about an hour and a half with the speech of Dom Bertrand, a moment of intercession for the country in wich the rosary was prayed together with the image of Jesus Christ crucified and at the Independence Hymn was sung.
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Woman wrapped in the Brazilian imperial flag.
Dom Bertrand
In the afternoon, at 2pm, Paulista Avenue was practically crowded. One of the biggest, if not the biggest manifestation of the Brazilian people in recent years, gathered thousands of families along the entire length of one of the main avenues of São Paulo where they declared that they love God and freedom. The Independence Anthem was played to exhaustion. “Either the country is free, or die for Brazil” was one of those that was heard the most that afternoon, beyond the unanimous shouts of “Freedom!Freedom!Freedom!”.
Unlike narratives that only an elite was present on Paulista Avenue on September 7th, reality showed up that there were children, young and old citizens. Poor and rich. Whites and blacks. Parents with a tired expression on their faces but who were there with their children for a cry of freedom and with the hope that they will be able to continue working and have the resources to support their families.       
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People with disabilities were also at the demonstration with their Brazilian flags.
Among the green and yellow, national flags (imperial and republic), there were banners and posters with words such as: “FREEDOM FOR BRAZIL.OUTSIDE COMMUNISM”, “09/07/2021 BRAZIL REQUIRES A PRINTED VOTE”, “NOT TO HEALTH PASSPORT”, “WE´LL REMAIN FREE FROM COMMUNISM”, “BRAZIL BELONGS TO JESUS”.
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No riots. No assaults. No tire nor statue were set on fire. No one was divided “with vaccine vs. no vaccine” or “with mask vs. no mask”, but all those who tried to cause disorder were asked to leave.
Brazilian families prayed “Our Father who art in heaven... deliver us from evil. Amen!”
Probably the majority of those who took to the streets that day have the conscience and the fear of God and know why they were there: “Because we don´t have to fight against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the princes of darkness of this age, against the spiritual hosts of wickedness, in heavenly places .”Ephesians 6:12
So titles such as “fascists”, “guerrillas”, it´s not up to the Brazilian people who were in green and yellow on September 7th, 2021, and who staged a peaceful demonstration in order to clarify their position in favor of freedom.
“A nation is, above all, a big family with a common destiny to fulfill.” – Dom Bertrand of Orleans and Bragança.

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