Well meaning Brazilians take to the streets hoping for the return of the rule of law and order

Brazilian people, tired of seeing so many illegalities and violations of basic rights by the Judiciary, Legislative, mayors and governors, will be taking to the streets to demonstrate in favor of freedom. The date chosen, September 7, is very symbolic as it is Brazil's independence day.

Ordinary citizens are organizing amongst themselves as no groups have taken the lead of the organization. They know that they would be subject to being imprisoned, fined and have their rights stripped by the Supreme Court.

On September 7, 1822, D. Pedro I proclaimed Brazil’s independency from Portugal. History tells us that the proclamation was shouted out on the banks of the Ipiranga River, in São Paulo. Thousands of Brazilians will gather in São Paulo on September 7, 2021, in what is being called the “new cry for independence”, a demonstration against authoritarian bouts, mainly by the Supreme Court. All the illegal and authoritarian decisions from the other areas stem from the illegal rulings of the Suprem Court.

Strangely, the Supreme Court justices, who should be the defenders of the constitution, are the first to tear it up. It has even become routine to see flagrantly unconstitutional orders coming from the judiciary’s highest court. The magnitude of the insanity we have been living is illustrated by cases where freedoms and other constitutional rights have been violated in the last year: Supreme Court justices have ordered inquiries to be opened in which the court’s justices are themselves the victims, accusers, investigators and judges; decree to suspend any type of secrecy and imprisonment of anyone who dares to question it; making it impossible for defendants to respond to the accusations as they have not been given access to their proceedings; explicit persecution of conservatives or anyone who points out the legal anarchy practiced by the judiciary.

Today, only the Executive, namely the president of the republic, Jair Bolsonaro, truly follows our Constitution and fights for people’s freedom. Precisely the one who was said to be a dictator. Moreover, the President filed in the Senate, on August 20, a request for impeachment of justice Alexandre de Moraes, based on article 52 of the Constitution which deals with crime of responsibility. Moraes has a long list of the practice of such crimes, very well presented on the impeachment request drafted by the Attorney General.

There are currently several political prisoners in the country, including a journalist who has been left paralized from his waist down while in prison, a congressman who remains in prison months after having paid bail, and a president of a political party. Their “crime”? Speak their minds on the internet!

After so many violation of rights, people will be taking to the streets to demonstrate against the tyranny of the caped excellencies – the Supreme court justices –, against authoritarianism disguised as defense of democracy and public health (since the Chinese plague has become the excuse to give an air of legality to violations of fundamental rights enshrined in the constitution).

It is important to clarify that Brazilians are aware that there is a foreign hand in the attempt to destroy their country. This is such a blatant influence that a certain ambassador even celebrates on Twitter when one of these illegal arrests occurs. It’s the same ambassador who visited other South American countries and devastated them, but here, by the grace of God and the struggle of the people, he will not do the same. Not under our watch!

Caravan organizers or people simply calling for the September 7 demonstrations have already started to suffer reprisals, such as the visit of the Federal Police for searches and seizures, blocking of bank accounts, etc. An icon of the Brazilian music is one of these people, country singer Sérgio Reis, 81, who had his house turned over for calling on people to attend on September 7th, to demonstrate for the country. This only made the population even more indignant and the number of confirmed coaches from all over Brazil to demonstrate on Av. Paulista, in São Paulo,  is only growing.

It is noteworthy that the national demonstration is being called for São Paulo, but there will be demonstrations throughout the country, such as in Brasília, Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba, among others. There are protests being organized by Brazilians who live abroad too, in front of Brazilian consulates, such as in Boston and London. There is only one item on the agenda: FREEDOM!

Brazil Uncovered - It is hoped that the demonstration in Av. Paulista, São Paulo, will be as big as the one for ex-president Dilma
It is hoped that the demonstration in Av. Paulista, São Paulo, will be as big as the one for ex-president Dilma's impeachment.

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