Olavo is educating a group of people that should be prepared to restore the national intelligence and culture

Nobody was so pursued, maligned, cursed and vilified by the Brazilian left than Olavo de Carvalho. They call him a philosopher (between quotation marks), guru, far right extremist, ideologue and a polemist. For what reason? Olavo says things that go against leftists favorite sports: killing babies before they are born, selling drugs, legalizing sex with minors and destroying Brazil in the name of a brilliant future that Will never come (and never will). But who is Olavo actually?


For Americans it is worth mentioning that Homeland Security requested and reviewed more than 4.000 pages of Olavo's work before grating him a “genius visa”, a license to live in the US for people who achieve "a level of expertise indicating that the individual is one of that small percentage who has risen to the very top of the field of endeavor”.

Brazil Uncovered - Olavo de Carvalho at his home in the USA
Olavo de Carvalho at his home in the USA
Olavo de Carvalho has a large list of notable achievements, as an example of his influence and popularity in Brazil it is impossible to discuss basically any topic without using one of the expressions he had introduced (or reintroduced) in the country: “analfabeto funcional”, “paralaxe cognitiva”, “hegemonia cultural” (respectively functional illiterate, cognitive parallax and cultural hegemony) just to remember a few of them
A philosopher well known and cited by high level scientists, like Wolfgang Smith, that could reach, while still alive, over a million followers in his Youtube Channel. Author of two bestsellers, Olavo had to break alone the control the Brazilian left academy had to choose each authors are allowed or not to be known in Brazil.
He gave voice and struggled to open space for alternative points of view and started an editorial movement that has brought back to life gigantic philosophers like Louis Lavelle, Leibniz, Viktor Frankl, Eric Voegelin and the largely ignore Brazilian philosopher Mario Ferreira dos Santos, long gone from the countries universities.
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Olavo was the host of roughly 300 radio programs called True Outspeak which inspired many other compatriots to start their own radio shows.
His students compiled only a small portion of the wide range of books he recommend in a list that goes as long as 864 names, in 4 different languages.

He is the author of many contributions to universal philosophy, one of the most famous, recognized everywhere, is the Four Discourses Theory, which brings to light, from Aristoteles, a clear hierarchy in human speech, from poetry to logic, going thru rhetoric and dialectics. 
But from all his work the most important is the called COF (Online Philosophy Course), with roughly 4.000 students (50 times the size of University of the Sao Paulo philosophy department), where Olavo is educating a group of people that should be prepared to restore the national intelligence and culture. 

It was founded in 2009 and now his students have a wide participation in Brazil’s intellectual life and have founded themselves many different educational institutions, wrote many relevant books and participate in political activities beneficial for the country.

The full length of his influence is still hard to measure now, but given the fact that it has been only 12 years COF started, imagine what is yet to come. That is why the leftists "intellectuals" hate him.

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