No one. But we represent many.

We wish we could say that we belong to a large communications company but that is not the case.

We wish we had an enviable journalist’s resume to show. But we don’t.

However, everyone who helps in the production and maintenance of the Brazil Uncovered website has one thing in common: we are Brazilians outraged by the smoke screen created by the far left in an attempt to cover up the reality and penetrate our consciences.

Our purpose with Brazil Uncovered is to uncover the truth and expose those behind the curtain. It is an effort to uncover the tactics used by the left in Brazil and to show that there is a degree of uniform global viciousness at work everywhere.

The recognition of this worldwide movement unites all those who appreciate the ideas of freedom and democracy – both essential to the guarantee of peace – and reject the violations inflicted by authoritarian regimes.

Our role is to expose that movement with examples taken from the Brazilian news. Surely many of you will see similarities with events in your own countries.

We hope to demonstrate that we are all fighting the same problem: the revolutionary mentality.

Only the unequivocal response of experience can serve as a guide against it.

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