The many connections between organized crime and the left in Latin America

*Free translation and adaptation of the article published in Diário Terça Livre n. 349
Source: Portal Terça Livre

Cristina Segui, one of the most well known journalists in Spain and a fierce critic of socialism, forthrightly said that narcotraffic money feeds left-wing political parties all over the world. Interviewed by Brazilian newspaper O Dia, the journalist talked about one of the topics that she has been investigating, the connection between the left-wing political parties, which have unashamedly opened its doors to funds coming from the Latin-American drug traffic. The journalist isn't shy in criticizing the left-wing political parties leaders in Latin America, mentioning Lula and Dilma as well. 

In another moment of the interview, the journalist talks about a narrative spread out by the mainstream media that the right-wing endagers democracy. Segui is notably critical of the media vehicle that describes the left, who carried out the attacks and kidnapping, as “political activists”.

In an excerpt of the newspaper report, Segui asserts that, according to Pablo Iglesias, it has always been key to get the National Intelligence Center members under control. They are in charge of investigating the criminal connections of the narcotraffic. The journalist also reveals that all the left-wing political parties' source of funding, around four million Euros, has been directly linked to Centro de Estudos Políticos e Sociais, "CEPS Foundation", in Valencia, Spain. Iglesias served as a foundation's board member between 2008 and 2009. He maintained that the foundation is meant to be a direct beneficiary of drugs dictatorships, such as the one from Venezuela.

She also pointed out that the drug money has other means of reaching the Latin American left-wing government. “There is also the Neurona Consulting, a consultancy company linked to the Latin American left and to Juan Carlos Monedero, another prominent member of the Podemos party. But the CEPS Foundation has been the main vehicle to send and receive money collected from dictatorships. It has been the beneficiary of funds collected under the guise of research and consultancy work for the Ibero-American left-wing political regime, including those of Dilma Rousseff and Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, in Brazil.
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In the 60's and 70's, José Dirceu was also known as Daniel, in the terrorist organizations where he received special training to promote the armed fight in Brazil. His political career spans decades and he is still an influential figure in the Workers' Party (PT). He maintains close association with the drug cartels to this day.
Joseph Douglas, in the book “Red Cocaine”, describes how Cuba, Russia and China took advantage of drug trafficking to penetrate into the West. It is impossible not to end up talking about international terrorism when we see the connection among the Brazilian criminal organizations FARC and PCC, the Workers' Party (PT), and Hezbollah. The information stands that FARC and PCC are business partners, where FARC is the main cocaine supplier to the Brazilian market, and PCC is the largest buyer.
Additionally, FARC were official members of the São Paulo Forum (founded by Lula and Fidel Castro in 1990) from 1993 to 2005, and it has been an unofficial member (an observer) ever since.
The close relationship between FARC and PT became clear in many situations. The most significant was the content found in a former FARC's member's computer, Manuel Marulanda, after his death, showing the e-mails exchanged between him and Breno Altman, none other than consultant to the then president of PT, José Dirceu. It is also worthy of note that PT has also had close ties with the PCC. FARC and PT are also associated with PSUV (Unified Socialist Party of Venezuela), part of Chavism, essentially Maduro’s party.

Putting things into perspective, Chavez’s Vice-President, Tareck El Aissami, is the main Hezbollah operative in Brazil. Hezbollah is also known to be one of the main arms and opium traffickers in the world. Afghanistan, now back into Taliban’s control, is one of the main poppy producers in world. Afghanistan is to heroin what Colombia is to cocaine.

Several wiretaps between members of the PCC show the intimate relationship of the organization with PT. The most notorious revealed a highly ranked member of the criminal organization saying that "they had a mischievous relationship with the Brazilian presidency".
Finally, the Iranian regime -- Hezbollah's sponsor -- is a notorious international ally of both the Venezuelan regime and PT in Brazil.

Join the dots and draw your own conclusions.

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