Politically motivated Investigation is headed by well known corrupts

Brazil Uncovered - Senators Humberto Costa, Renan Calheiros (report), Omar Aziz (chair) and Randolfe Rodrigues are intent on blaming the federal government for actually releasing emergency funds during the pandemic, but not their misuse by governors and mayors.
Senators Humberto Costa, Renan Calheiros (report), Omar Aziz (chair) and Randolfe Rodrigues are intent on blaming the federal government for actually releasing emergency funds during the pandemic, but not their misuse by governors and mayors.

A Parliamentary Inquiry (CPI, in Portuguese) has been set up in the Senate to investigate the federal government’s actions and the use of federal funds during the Chinese virus pandemic. It is suspected that the CPI’s real objective is to lock up the Senate so it can’t vote on real urgent matters which are crucial for the country’s economic recovery. Undoubtedly this will generate even more crisis. Is this inquiry intent on eroding the president of the republic’s image, thereby discrediting the conservative agenda that got him elected?

Many may doubt this theory but when they see the representatives chosen to chair and report the CPI surely they will see that something very wrong is going on and perhaps this is not such a far out theory. Below is the list of senators chosen to lead the inquiry.

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Omar Aziz - elected by the Social Democratic Party of the state of Amazonas (PSD-AM). Amazonas is a state plagued by scandals related to the pandemic, such as families challenging their loved ones’ causa mortis – many claimed that all deaths were being registered as Covid-19. It was also in Amazonas where doctors who have participated in a study on hydroxychloroquine deliberately administered lethal doses to patients. They’ve administered doses that were known to kill, 5 times over the safety dosage. This has all been done to “prove” that the medicine that had been approved by the President did not work. An important detail is that the doctors who perpetrated this atrocity have not been punished and are all linked to socialist parties.

Going back to Senator Omar Aziz, president of the CPI of the pandemic. He has been charged with passive corruption, money laundering and criminal organization as during his term as Governor of Amazonas (2011-2014), he was investigated for suspicion of misconduct and embezzlement in the public health administration. The senator’s wife has already been arrested twice during investigations on embezzlement of funds in the health area. What a curriculum, and now no one can even dare doubt the good nature and competence of the senator to investigate something related to health.

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Renan Calheiros - elected by the Brazilian Democratic Movement of Alagoas (MDB-AL), he has a long record of corruption and money laundering charges. He has been in politics for decades, more precisely 42 years, and there are 12 cases in the Supreme Court where he is being investigated. He is the burlesque, covert political type that uses underhand politics to get what he wants. He is known for not having the country’s interests at heart, so it is painful to see that no questions can be asked about someone like him reporting on the CPI.

It is important to note that Renan Calheiros is the father of the governor of Alagoas, Renan Filho, and that would be enough reason for Calheiros's suspicion to report the CPI. Thus, other senators appealed to the Supreme Court on grounds of a conflict of interest. Supreme Court justice Ricardo Lewandowski then decided that Renan Calheiros should remain on the CPI.

It is worth noting that Calheiros and Lewandowski acted together in the impeachment proceeding of ex-president Dilma to produce one of the most contemptible moments in the history of the republic. At the time, Calheiros was president of the senate and Lewandowski was the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Regardless of the Constitution stating that an impeached president will have his/her political rights revoked for 8 years, the then president of the Senate and the Chief Justice schemed not to strip Dilma of her political rights.

The works under the inquiry have already begun and as its members make their statements, it is clear that they are politically motivated and the CPI has nothing to do with health. Their statements make it clear that they’re putting the performance of the federal government during the pandemic in check while nothing is said about the resources sent by that same federal government which have been misused by governors and mayors.

The senators are concerned about finding out why the president has not worn a mask – while its efficacy is highly debatable within the scientific community – and not about uncovering the scandal involving the new respirators hidden in fake walls in a hospital in Pará, while people were dying without oxygen.

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