23th September Who is Olavo de Carvalho

Brazil Uncovered - Who is Olavo de Carvalho

23th September Who is Olavo de Carvalho

On Pickwickian spoken in Congress

"Pickwickian", a term from Charles Dickens's comic novel "The Pickwick Papers", is a word that everyone in Brazil should know, as it is a kind of semantic code present in all of the language used by communists and the like, and that means practically all in the national media, the Sureme Court and in the parliamentary debates. Speaking Pickwickian means using words deliberately inappropriately, such as when the subject describes something he simply doesn't like as "injustice", the deaths caused by an epidemic as "genocide", or the spontaneous convergence of popular opinions as "militia". Pickwickian is heavily used in the Brazilian Congress.

On populism

One of the thousands of things I've learned from A. James Gregor: Populism is to seek the support of the popular masses. However, since all political movements necessarily seek this support, to call only one of them populist is to say absolutely nothing.

Who is Brazil's scum?

Journalists, artists and university students are Brazil's scum -- faithful servants of drug lord and apologists for everything that is no good.

On pseudo-intellectuals' IQ

The pseudo-intellectual is dumber than any illiterate citizen. Were we to exchange all journalists, university professors, and show business artists for illiterate citizens, the average IQ would instantly rise.

On today's health

In the past, health was a general state of well-being that human beings could lose due to internal or external factors. Today, it is an ideal of planned balance, created and imposed by the world's medical-pharmaceutical bureaucracy.

On the origin of the animal instinct

The animal instinct is poor in its resources and modest in its ambitions. Only the rational imagination aspires to divine power. Definitely, human violence does not come from any animal instinct. It comes from the ordering and dominating reason.

When Brazil will see better days

Brazil will only see better days when all current major media companies go bankrupt.

On intellectual life

Pray the Rosary and ask that you get smarter, to learn faster. Say the St Thomas Aquinas prayer on wisdom and intelligence. Understand that your intellectual life is a devotion to God. You are seeking truth, it is not a professional activity nor a university career. I am 73 years old, my life has improved enormously and my interest in studying has not waned, in fact when I was very poor studying was my greatest joy.

On president Bolsonaro and the real genocides

President Bolsonaro, learn, already. You're over sixty years old and you still won't understand? If, instead of punishing the genocides, you tell yourself that they are legitimate democratic oponents, they'll end up saying that you are the genocide and will try to send you to jail.

On mediocrity

The most characteristic mental trait of the mediocre is his unflappable belief that anything that is against the usual beliefs of his reference group is madness, a dream, childish, or conspiracy theory. The Brazilian elites are all composed of mediocre men.

Fascism and the Brazilian Supreme Court

If fascism were indeed superior to capitalism, as some marxists would have you believe, it would have emerged in one of the advanced industrial nations at the time like France and England, and not in backward, pre-capitalist Italy. This should be obvious, but trying to explain it to a communist is as impossible as teaching human rigts to certain Brazilian Supreme Court justices.

On having to explain irony

The incapacity to understand irony is a symptom of mental disease. Having to warn that irony is irony is akin to confessing that you are writing to the mentally impaired.

On communism and fascism being the same thing

Communism was born as an ideology, and fascism as an impromptu coup which woud later cloak up as an ideology. However, both are fudamentally the exact same thing.

Identifying fascism

Fascism breeds in underdeveloped nations attempting to promote industrialization the Trotsky way: by militarizing society. There's no difference between Mussolini's rhetoric and the stalinist-maoist cult to the "national glorious past".

Stalin and Mao were as fascist as Mussolini.

On Bolsonaro's government's fight against misinformation

Regrettably, the Brazilian government has never been prepared to fight against a cruel and slanderous misinformation campaign, especially now that minister Ernesto is gone.

Bolsonaro has never had any idea of the scale of the world powers that would turn against him. Nor do the generals and state ministers. They may be good people, but they have a provincial worldview, easily molded and utilized by their enemies.

On the quintessence of his philosophy

The quintessence of my political ideology is summed up in Paulo César Pereio's phrase: "I am not a communist because a communist has a small dick."

On faith

If you lose faith in God, you are in such a state of uncertainty that you desperately cling on to the first fake authority that offers you some bogus form of protection. It may be government, the media, "science" or extraterrestrials. Anything goes.

"They will say that there is salvation in the East, and people will run there, but they will fall into an oven." (Holy Father Pio)

On the pillars where lies rest

Media, show business, academia and banks: the four pillars on which the Universal Empire of Lies rests, the glory of Satan.

On the abstract and the real thing

In Brazil, the confusion between the abstract concept and the real thing has become MANDATORY. Because Senate, abstractly, has a high and noble mission, they want to make us believe that the institution in its current configuration is high and noble, no matter how much it wallows in s***.

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